An anecdote: I wanted to wear Google Glass during the birth of our second child. My wife was extremely unreceptive to this idea when I suggested it.


This, I have come to realise, is the fundamental problem with wearables - not just Glass; you look and behave like an absolute tit. I hope the future of hardware is something better, wearables seem to be like pagers to me; they’ll have their space but ultimately only dorks will use them.

Until someone gets it right.

About bloody time, but take on Google? Ha! Yeah Microsoft, just like you “took on” everyone else this decade.

*listens to the door closing behind Ballmer*


Would you wear Google Glass if it looked like this

Obviously coming, and exactly what needs to happen.

A great piece.


HTC One with stock Android is official, coming June 26th

Didn’t fancy that stock Android Samsung Galaxy S 4? Well you now have another option. HTC has revealed it’s “Nexus User Experience” version of the One, launching on June 26 for $599 on the Google Play Store. Continue reading.

Probably the only android phone worth looking at.*

*If you don’t mind a paving slab in your pocket.

I don’t understand, is this a comedy or a 90-minute advert for Google?

Either way it looks disgusting.


Two years ago I wrote a blog post titled “Is Google the New Microsoft?” hedging it with a question mark. I think after the announcements at Google IO there can be very little doubt that Google is the new Microsoft.

Here is a short check list. Dominant position in one market that generates huge…


Google+ completely redesigned

Just over a year since the last major redesign to Google+, Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra has revealed at I/O 2013 that the search company is completely reworking the layout of its social network.

Polishing a turd.


Google Maps overhaul leaks ahead of I/O conference

It looks like Google is set to unveil a new version of Google Maps for the desktop at I/O this week. Droid-Life discovered a description on the revised service’s landing page that reveals what’s in store: a “tailored map for every search,” a new UI reminiscent of Google’s recent mobile apps, WebGL-powered overhead views borrowed from Google Earth, Flight Search integration, and the ability to compare multiple modes of transportation on the map itself.

Long overdue. Looks nice. 

Now all they need to do is fix WebGL maps on the Retina MacBooks.

More info here.


Stated a bit more clearly: Samsung makes more money off of Android than Google makes from all of their businesses combined

This simply does not seem like a tenable situation. 

Very interesting.

Is this the biggest Apple rip-off yet?

All aluminium? Check.

"We wanted to hide every screw." – Unibody? Check.

Uplifting music? Check.

"We wanted to make the best computer in the world."? Check.


But last week, I got my first mobile notification from Google Now. I was at an event in SLC at The Leonardo. I had a dinner meeting in my calendar at 6:15. At roughly 6pm, Google Now sent me a mobile notification that I needed to leave because the place I needed to be at 6:15pm was a 9 minute drive. I was impressed. That’s value add.

No doubt, Google Now is amazing. Everything Siri should have been/should be.

I now use Siri about once a quarter and even at this ultra-low usage rate, its speech recognition is lagging relative to others.



To make sure we can all play along, the Explore/What’s Hot section is the giant button in the left sidebar titled “Explore”:

  • This analyst firm says iOS sucks Android’s balls
  • Here’s how to root your latest Galaxy Nexus Extra HD Petro Mega Dung Conquistador XP with the latest…

I mean, he’s not lying. And it’s pretty ridiculous. It’s like the Chinese talking about how great China is on state-run television.

This is terrifyingly true. Click the “explore” link above and see for yourself. Google+ looks like a really super duper “social” network!

No surprise that it wasn’t even given a mention on GOOG’s latest earnings call, then?