“Talk about a waste.”

John Rubinstein in an interview with FierceWireless:

FierceWireless: Looking back, if you could do things over again with the rollout of webOS, would you do anything differently?

Rubinstein: Well, I’m not sure I would have sold the company to HP [Hewlett-Packard]. That’s for sure. Talk about a waste. Not that I had any choice because when you sell a company you don’t get to decide that. Obviously, the board and shareholders decide that. If we had known they were just going to shut it down and never really give it a chance to flourish, what would have been the point of selling the company? I think the deal we had with Verizon really hurt us, but who knew that at the time? These things are all hindsight.

FierceWireless: Before Palm was sold to HP, do you think looking back it would have been better to have sold webOS phones through multiple carriers besides Sprint at the beginning?

Rubinstein: We would have loved to, but that wasn’t the reality. We almost had deals with Verizon and with Vodafone, and in the last minute both of those guys decided not to go through with the deal, so we had a deal with Sprint. It wasn’t like we made a choice of, Oh, we’re going to go with Sprint. We were negotiating with everybody. And the Sprint deal was the best deal we could get at the time. Palm was dying when I got there. It wasn’t like we had the pick of the litter. Everybody forgets that Palm was pretty much dead when we did the recapitalization. It had no future at the time.

The mobile future could have been so different.

Easily the best-looking Android phone to-date.


HTC One with stock Android is official, coming June 26th

Didn’t fancy that stock Android Samsung Galaxy S 4? Well you now have another option. HTC has revealed it’s “Nexus User Experience” version of the One, launching on June 26 for $599 on the Google Play Store. Continue reading.

Probably the only android phone worth looking at.*

*If you don’t mind a paving slab in your pocket.

Tim Green:

To me, there is a distinct movement towards a particular style and I would be very surprised if Apple were ignorant of it. It’s not ‘flat design’ per se and it’s certainly nowhere near the ‘Metro’ levels that people are suggesting they may follow, but it’s a mellowing out of the visual indicators that people need to trigger the idea of a tappable element

A good overview of current design trends in iOS, some thoughts and even a mock-up. A nice way to see where mobile design in general is trending.

Everything that’s so unbelievably wrong with Facebook Home. That third “piece of information” is an ad.


Stated a bit more clearly: Samsung makes more money off of Android than Google makes from all of their businesses combined

This simply does not seem like a tenable situation. 

Very interesting.

[…] it’s quite clear that Samsung took its design inspiration for Wallet from Apple’s Passbook (even down to the icon that Samsung used).

More delightful and surprising innovation from Samsung. What a great company.

They truly messed this up. So sad to see what has happened to webOS.

Android has raced ahead of iOS in smartphone share but it continues to fall behind in usage and engagement in the U.S.

This is because Google’s tactic has been to target the laypeople, the bargain-hunters & on the flipside the meganerds. The merganerds can do everything with their phones and collectively orgasm over Android’s customisability, but we don’t care about them. The laypeople and bargain-hunters, on the other hand, want an iPhone but are persuaded through cheap, scummy in-store marketing & lower prices to buy an inferior product that they don’t know how to use.

Ask anyone why they want an iPhone - it’s always the same: looks, apps, internet, email, skype, etc.

Ask anyone why they want an Android phone (who doesn’t dress like Neo from The Matrix) and they’ll say something like - I liked the big screen and it’s kinda like an iPhone.

The difference? They don’t have a clue how to use it. I watch this first-hand daily where I am. 30-50 people a day in my group failing to use their phones due to piss-poor usability.

They should all have got iPhones, and now they even all admit that.

These suppositions (from the article) are my favourites:

One thought is that Android users are more apt to want things for free, so they’re not as likely to shop for things on their devices. We’ve seen a gap in how Android and iOS users are willing to pay for apps — Android users prefer free apps – but that difference is going down over time.

So Android users are cheap?

Some Android users are just graduating up from a feature phone and really don’t understand all they can do with their device. Considering the declining number of feature phone options, it’s possible that people are graduating to cheap Android devices, but just still talk and text on them, something Daring Fireball’s John Gruber mentioned before. 

So Android users are stupid?

Either way, it all makes Android look absolutely delightful right? Definitely the superior product.

“Betting completely on HTML5 is one of the, if not THE biggest strategic mistake we’ve made.”


Mark Zuckerberg, speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt


No further comment necessary.

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Samsung Learning Its Lesson




…Yep. Samsung really intended to change and totally wasn’t copying. Like, seriously. I’m serious. Look at how serious my face is.

All these products were announced this week.

Well done Apple. A deserved victory, decisively proven. As I said before, Fuck Samsung.

Who to target next? My vote goes to HTC.



Apart from the legality of Samsung’s “homages” to the iPhone and iPad, this fundamental truth — that Apple reinvented the smartphone market — drives Apple’s critics absolutely bonkers.

Anyone who was young enough to have their first smartphone be a BlackBerry Bold 9000 knows this. The peak of tech turned into hideous dross overnight.


So out of ten reasons to return the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, seven reasons (70%) can be attributed to Android. Forty percent is hardware.


UPDATE: It has a stylus! Must buy.

“In effect, Samsung kept the shredder on long after it should have known about this litigation” 

As if we needed a more tacit admission of guilt.

It’s laughably obvious to everyone.

I know competition is great for innovation, but seriously? Mozilla? Why?

File this under Dead on Arrival.